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Nature Activities Around Your School Grounds

Our nature activities combine fun and learning in a way that is not possible inside a classroom. We encourage children to truly interact with nature, using our school grounds design as the backdrop for a series of fun activities, such as interactive bug hunts or trail games. Students, sometimes in groups of two or three, might be challenged to think and act like the wildlife they are looking for or react to different circumstances.

How would a woodlouse do in the Bug Olympics?

Can you convince a donkey to live in a pond?

Instead of merely identifying wildlife, we encourage children to insert themselves into the storyline of nature. This could entail students pretending to be reporters as they stand next to a bird bath, documenting the various comings and goings throughout the day. Getting the imagination going, encouraging students to make up stories about their surroundings, is a fantastic alternative way of learning about the way nature works. Wildside's Grounds Design features inspire kids to want to learn new information and engage them in a unique outdoor learning environment.

Our service is for children of all ages and has been DBS approved.

Frog log school nature activities in Suffolk  and Norfolk

School Nature Activities in Suffolk  and Norfolk

Bug cafe nature activities in Suffolk  and Norfolk




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Welcome to Wildside. For three decades, we have supplied a professional bespoke school grounds design service for schools across the Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex area. Sometimes working with volunteers, we tackle projects such as the creation of wildlife ponds, wildlife gardens, wildlife meadows, chainsaw sculptures, and much more. Our team has transformed numerous outdoor areas into delightful natural spaces in which wildlife can blossom and students can learn about nature. We run nature activities for students in a way that invites them to think imaginatively and engage with our school grounds design. From wildlife gardens to nature trails to chainsaw sculptures, we have strong experience in creating a number of brilliant funky outdoor features that students adore.

For a school grounds design service provided by experts with 30 years of experience, look no further than Wildside.

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